IIT Commitment to Participants

  • To offer faith-based restorative plans of action that will encourage and support a productive transition back to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Establish a working relationship with the chaplain and counselor to assist in the transitioning process.

  • Advocate for early release based on satisfactory involvement in the program.
  • Provide an accountability system to help develop the foundation needed for spiritual maturity.

  • Work on your recovery by attending IOP, PHP or Aftercare   Attend no less than 3 AA/NA meetings per week. 

IIT Participant Pre-release Commitment

  • Submit completed IIT application by fax or email

  • If you are incarcerated, please fill out the Pre-Release form

  • If you're in treatment, please fill out the regular Application form

  • Schedule an interview with the intake

  • Each participant has their personal recovery plan                 


Click on the button to print and fill out the form.  There are two forms; if you're incarcerated please print and fill out the Prison Pre-Release Application; if you're coming out of treatment, etc.,  please fill out the Regular Application . Fax it back to us  or email it to [email protected]
We look forward to you joining us.