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How we can help and why...
They returned different and making a difference. . .
Ex-offenders often return to their community in much the same way they entered prison: lacking adequate education, little or no access to labor markets, and with few if any socially supportive networks. Without positive intervention, they are likely to experience addiction, mental illness, domestic violence, and other problems that contribute and increase the likelihood of further criminal activity and re-incarceration.
Currently, there are more than 51,000 men and women in Ohio prisons, and the majority of the population are parents to at least one child. Statistically, more than 22% or 11,200 of those 51,000 people have been sentenced in Cuyahoga County. And roughly 8,000 return to prison annually. Sadly, the children of repeat offenders often suffer grave consequences, growing up in a harsh environment, and absent of strong parental support. Eventually, many fall into the same downward spiral of criminality and incarceration. Not taking not an option.
What we offer...
One of the men locations...
  • IIT Residents through Community Enhancement
  • Housing - 3 to 6 months stay 
  • AA/NA - Biblical 12 steps
  • Entrepreneurship - partnering agencies
  • Educational services - partnering agencies
  • Spiritual Guidance - In house
  • Strategic Mentorship - In house
  • Job skill training - partnering agencies & in house
  • Continued assistance through out-reach: peer support groups following initial treatment, community and faith-based mentoring programs, etc.     
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    Bible Study - Genesis to Revelation, Pastor Josh
  2. M-F
    7:00am Morning Devotion - Conference Call 1857.232.0157 code: 820700
  3. FRI DAY
    Biblical 12 Steps - 12 Steps with biblical principles
  4. JUNE 4
    Graduation - 2015-16 Graduation for those who has finished the course